Complete Sewer and  Drain Cleaning Services
Central Connecticut
Southern Connecticut
Main line sewer and drain cleaning
$275 Sewers snaked with full sized cutters up to 100’ to clear roots and debris.
($1 per foot after 100’)
Read below for frequently asked questions

Sinks / Tubs / Showers
$185  snaked and tested

$135 augered to remove blockages
Extra $20 if toilet needs to be pulled

Washing Machine Lines / Set Tubs
Mop Sinks / Floor Drains
$185 - $275 Depending on blockage type
All main lines cleared with full sized cutters to clear roots and debris. We don’t just poke a hole in your blockage.
Most homes have 4” sewer lines inside the house which turn into 6” lines once they leave the foundation.
Many drain cleaners use smaller cutters which do not completely remove the roots from your lines.
Most sewer problems are caused by roots growing into your pipe. Roots are attracted to the water and nutirents naturally found in your waste lines. Our technicians expertly remove these root clusters and restore flow to your drain.
We offer high pressure water jetting and RootX chemical treatments to help maintain your pipes.
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